The subject of the XIV Congress of the Commercial Arbitration Centre, scheduled for the next 2 and 3 of July, will be "Arbitration and Risk", aiming at a serious and deep reflection on the various forms of risk, current and future, that involve arbitration: "Arbitrators Risk", in terms of civil and criminal liability; the "Risk of Truth", with an emphasis on testimonial evidence and human memory; the "Process Risk", addressing the subject of cybersecurity and the issues raised with efficiency in conducting the process; the "Risks of International Arbitration", listening to one of the most renowned and experienced international arbitrators.

Reputed specialists, both Portuguese and foreign, were involved in this program.

As everyone is aware and concerned, the serious public health situation, caused by the current pandemic, may dictate the impossibility of holding the XIV Congress, on the scheduled dates.

The Commercial Arbitration Centre of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry maintains contact with the Portuguese health authorities and will make the decision on the event until the 18th of May.

Click this link for the programme.

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